Volunteering at Fenner Nature Center is a great way to give back to your community, support your nature center, and make a difference!

We are currently accepting volunteer applications for all of our volunteer teams:

Board of Directors

The volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors serve Fenner Conservancy and Fenner Nature Center in several ways.  Per our by-laws, the Board will consist of up to 11 elected dues-paying members, and two ex-officio members (the Director of Lansing Parks and Recreation and the Executive Director of Fenner Nature Center).  The elected members serve three year terms.  Having a diverse Board with members from a variety of backgrounds and interests ensures broad community representation with the common purpose of achieving the mission of Fenner Nature Center.

The Board is in place to, among other things,

  • Establish policies to ensure the organization operates legally, ethically, and effectively;
  • Support the Executive Director who implements policies and manages the organization;
  • Develop strategic plans and promote strategic actions;
  • Bear financial responsibility for the organization, including fundraising and financial management;
  • Serve as community ambassadors; 
  • Participate in Board and Committee meetings.
There are several positions on the Board of Directors including President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member At-Large.  The Board is also responsible for leading several committees.

If you are interested in a board position, please call us at 517-483-4224.

Event Volunteers

The volunteers that participate on this team have a wide variety of opportunities to help at our annual festivals and special events.  Volunteers can help with:

  • Event planning and implementation;
  • Event fundraising;
  • Event setup and cleanup;
  • Various active roles during events, including stirring apple butter, peeling and slicing apples, logistical support (floaters), helping with activities, and much more;
  • Serving as a Fenner Ambassador while finding new members and volunteers at events;
  • And more!

Stewardship Volunteers 

The Fenner Conservancy Stewardship Team is comprised of volunteers who are passionate about preserving the integrity of Fenner’s ecosystem and ensuring that the resources offered to visitors are in the best shape possible.  Members of this team:
  • Eradicate invasive species;
  • Complete trail maintenance;
  • Repair damaged signs and fencing;
  • Maintain the native plant and butterfly gardens;
  • Repair or replace damaged or missing bird feeders;
  • Clean up litter and empty trail trash cans;
  • And other invigorating outdoor tasks!

Explore Store Volunteers

Volunteers in the Fenner Explore Store play an important role in not only earning revenue for Fenner Conservancy, but also in reaching out to visitors in the Visitor Center.  These volunteers augment the staff on weekends and during special events as additional “friendly faces,” and have been known to be resources for people with nature-related questions!

Visitor Center Volunteers

This crucial team exists to help the staff with Visitor Center-related tasks.  With only a few part-time employees, and a very appreciative and excited client and visitor base, it is often hard to keep up with not only the day-to-day tasks, but also special projects that arise.  The volunteers associated with this team can help by:
  • Assisting with interpretive displays;
  • Greeting visitors and answering questions;
  • Answering phones;
  • Assisting with copying and folding promotional materials;
  • Working on computer-related projects (data input, digitizing slides, etc.);
  • Light clean-up;
  • Assisting with the planning and implementation of programs;
  • Staffing a Fenner Nature Center booth at outside events;
  • And anything else that we would love to do, but just don’t have the time to address.

Impromptu Volunteer Opportunities

At times, volunteer opportunities may arise that fall outside of the “team” boundaries.  These will be communicated with all volunteers to garner support. 


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